How do I shave my armpits with the Bevel DE Safety Razor?

  1. Prepare the skin in the shower under warm water, or with a hot towel for at least two minutes.  Shave and prepare one armpit at a time.
  2. Apply Bevel Priming Oil 
  3. Apply Bevel Shave Cream with the shave brush in strong circular motions.
  4. Shave in slow, short strokes.
  5. At least for the first few shaves, shave with the grain.  You may find that shaving against the grain causes no irritation for you, but everyone is different.
  6. If needed, re-lather and complete another pass.  Otherwise, rinse clean with cold water.
  7. Pat skin dry with a clean towel and apply Bevel Restoring Balm.

After shaving your underarms, be careful applying deodorant and antiperspirants right away. Some can irritate freshly shaven skin. 

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