Can I travel with my Bevel Razor and products?

We kept the jetsetter in mind and sized each product in the Bevel Shave System to meet current FAA carry-on regulations. You are also free to travel with your Bevel Razor and brush.

Unfortunately, razor blades are not allowed in carry-on luggage, but you can place them in your checked luggage.

Not checking in any luggage?  No worries, if you have the Bevel Shave Plan we've got you covered!

We'd be happy to send some blades to your destination at no charge. Just another great benefit of the Bevel Shave Plan.  

To have your blades sent, just shoot a note to at least 10 days in advance with the following details:

  • The address for your blade delivery (US & military addresses only)
  • The date range for your stay

We'll take it from there! 

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  • So does that mean I can travel with a blade already in the razor? What good it the handle without a blade?

  • Hey Darren, great question! TSA does not allow any blades in your carry on bag, either inside or outside of the razor. You can place razors in your checked in bag, or if you aren't checking in any luggage, I'd be happy to shoot some out to your travel destination at no charge! You can shoot us an email at with your travel details as needed.

  • Great. I travel for business once every month or so for short trips and I never check my bags so this is good to know. You need to get into stores so I can pick up blades when I arrive at my destination!

  • Working on it! But in the meantime, we'll have you covered! ;)

  • I am in the military and I shave everyday and I travel a lot. This was a good post to read because I normally don't travel with checked luggage

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