How do I get a closer shave?

Here are some tips!

  • Only use a nickel sized amount of Priming Oil if you are shaving both your face and neck. If you are only shaving a small area, you'll need less.
  • Your leather should be light and foamy, not thick/pasty or watery.
  • Let's make sure your angle is right around 30 degrees.


  • You can change the blade with each shave, we'll send extra if needed.
  • Because the Bevel razor has just one blade, you can make multiple passes to get a closer shave.  Just relather before each pass.
  • On your second pass, you can try shaving across the grain to get a closer shave, but those of us with extra sensitive skin should stick to shaving directly with the grain only.  
  • If you are accustomed to shaving against the grain without irritation in the past, you can continue doing so with the Bevel Razor.
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