Can Bevel get rid of my razor bumps / ingrown hairs?

This is exactly what Bevel is designed for--helping reduce bumps. The razor gives you a safer shave by cutting hair at the surface rather than under it, which is the main cause of the ingrown hairs we call shaving bumps. If coarse or curly hairs are cut beneath the surface, they generally continue growing beneath the skin forming ingrown hairs. We need to cut the hairs right at the surface.

Moreover, coarse and curly body hair needs to be pretreated before it is cut. A hot shower followed by Bevel Priming Oil takes care of this. Softened hairs are easily cut, and softened skin is able to yield to the razor without scraping or tugging. Without pretreating coarse or curly body hairs, they will be tugged (particularly if using a dull or multiblade razor) and left with curved jagged ends that grow right back into the skin, creating razor bumps.

The brush exfoliates the skin during the lathering process, which will help release any trapped hairs. The Bevel Restoring Balm is also full of ingredients that work to fight bumps--salicylic and lactic acids exfoliate, while tea tree oil and witch hazel are antiseptics and anti-inflammatories that will help protect your hair follicles from getting irritated in the first place. With continued use of your Bevel system, you'll enjoy a great shave

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