What do I need to Wet Shave?

Here’s a breakdown of the tools of the trade. Or Subscribe & Save and get larger sizes of everything you need for less than half the price.

  • Bevel Shave brush:  The shave brush does a couple things besides making us feel nostalgic and “grown up.”  It’s vital to creating good lather, plus it exfoliates while you work your lather in. By the way, exfoliating is a major step in getting rid of razor bumps.

  • Bevel Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor:  Your grandfather might have used one of these.  The Bevel Razor holds the razor blade in place but exposes both edges so you are able to shave with both sides.  Most of us find they provide the closest, most comfortable shave.

  • Bevel Razor Blades (20ct):  Yes! No need to ever buy another overpriced cartridge razor. Plus Bevel razor blades can reduce the tugging of hairs, unlike some other razors on the market. Coarse/thick hairs require very frequent blade changes. We provide you with enough to change your blade before each shave.  

  • Bevel Pre-Shave Oil:  Never start a shave without it. After a hot shower, Bevel Pre-Shave Oil is your first step to a close, comfortable shave. Our rich blend featuring Castor and Olive Oil, softens coarse, curly hair and preps the skin for smooth and easy razor glides. Your newly softened hairs and pliable skin can yield to the Bevel Razor to help reduce tugging, nicks, irritation, and bumps.

  • Bevel Shave Cream:  Bevel Shave Cream can enable the Bevel Razor to glide smoothly, cutting the hairs close to the skin--but not underneath--to help reduce razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burn. Shea butter moisturizes and helps to even skin tone while glycerin, green tea, and aloe aim to soothe and protect.
  • Bevel Post-Shave Balm:  Never end a shave without it.  Bevel Post-Shave Balm is a powerful, alcohol free blend of ingredients featuring salicylic acid, lactic acid, shea butter, and vitamin E to help reduce scarring, bumps, and ingrown hairs. Aloe vera, tea tree oil, and witch hazel help cool and soothe the skin while helping reduce additional bumps, infection, and irritation. Use your Post-Shave Balm nightly after washing your face and neck, and after each shave.



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