Why does Bevel encourage face lathering? Do I have to lather on my face?

You will certainly still get great results if you choose to build lather in your palm, bowl, or mug. That may even be the best choice for you. Everyone's different.  We suggest face lathering for a few reasons.

  • You might find it neater.  No lather in your palm, and no mug or bowl to keep clean, or on hand, for that matter.
  • Those of us prone to ingrown hairs/razor bumps need to exfoliate and face lathering is a great method for this.  But if you choose to use a bowl or mug, you can still apply your final lather to your face in strong circular motions to exfoliate.
  • It's easier to see your cream going from not ready to ready on your face.
  • It's quicker.
  • You'll likely give your hairs more prep-time if you face lather...which makes for a better shave.
  • It feels so good! 
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