How does the weight of a razor prevent razor bumps?

A properly weighted razor, such as the Bevel Safety Razor, actually solves a few common shaving problems.  A well-balanced razor is neither head nor handle heavy.  It provides a precise balance, allowing you to comfortably maneuver at a safe shaving angle (30°). 

A razor that is too light can foster a natural tendency to apply too much pressure. This can lead to both, irritation and cuts.  Moreover, when too much pressure is applied while shaving, the hairs are likely to be cut beneath the skin, rather than at the surface.  Ingrown hairs and razor bumps form when hairs are cut beneath the skin.

A properly weighted razor keeps pressure off the skin and does the work for you.  Paired with a quality sharp blade, the Bevel Razor helps provide a comfortable shave, while aiming and helping to reduce tugging, scraping, and irritation.  
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