Is Bevel good for women too?

Absolutely! Bevel includes everything women need for a great shave:

  • The Bevel Razor's long handle (about 4 inches) allows for comfortable leg shaving.
  • The Bevel Razor is weighted to help make shaving easier, and hassle-free. Less pressure is needed. Just take gentle glides with the razor knowing that its use helps reduce razor bumps
  • You'll never have to buy another disposable cartridge. Bevel bundles include quality sharp, double-edge razors that will actually cut the hairs...not scrape and pull.
  • One blade can be all we need. Some multiblades can clog, can be hard to rinse, and can pull and cause razor bumps.
  • The Bevel Razor and products can be used anywhere you normally shave, and it's designed to help reduce razor bumps and irritation.
  • Bevel products offer a natural, pleasant scent both men and women enjoy.
  • No chemicals or artificial fragrances.
  • Bevel is non-comodegenic.
  • Bevel products include many of the ingredients you look for in great healthy & beauty products:  shea butter, tea tree oil, witch hazel, aloe vera, castor & olive oils, etc.
  • Subscribe and get everything you need in one bundle:  quality razor, blades, brush, priming oil, shave cream, and restoring balm.



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