Tell me about the Bevel Razor & Bevel Blades.

Bevel Safety Razor
: $49.95

We re-engineered a classic. The Bevel Safety Razor is elegantly designed and generously weighted with solid brass to provide a lifetime of close, comfortable, luxurious shaves. Precision crafted for perfect balance and effortless, precise maneuvering.  The Bevel Safety Razor's handle offers a generous length for a natural, intuitive shave.



Bevel Razor Blades:  $9.95, 20ct
Engineered with polished edges sharp enough for the coarsest of hairs without being overly aggressive. Expect a smooth, comfortable shave that helps reduce tugging, pulling, and irritation when used with our complete Shave System products that can be purchased here.


  • Full System
  • Larger, Exclusive 3-Month Sizes
  • Available with Subscription Only: $89.85
  • First shipment includes the Razor and Brush at no additional cost.  

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