Legacy Subscription Billing & Shipping

(The following billing policy applies to subscriptions started before 9/1/17. See here for subscriptions started after this date.)

The total cost for each subscription shipment is $89.85 + shipping ($4.95)**

Here's how billing works:


To keep you covered, this three month auto-ship & payment cycle will repeat unless your subscription is canceled.  

If you have not canceled your account, we send you your first 3-Month Replenishment Bundle about 3 months after your Starter Bundle order.


Should you cancel without returning your Starter Bundle within 30 days of delivery, any remaining payments will be processed immediately to get you closed out.

Should you cancel without returning your Replenishment Bundle within 14 days of delivery, any remaining balance will be processed at the time of cancellation.

**100% of any calculated duties (Canadian shipments) plus shipping ($9.95USD to Canada) are added to the first payment for each shipment, along with taxes.


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