My Shave Routine

I've been using the Bevel shave system for a few months and found that it didn't take too long to develop a shave routine that worked well for me. The products that come with the shaver are excellent. I basically follow the same approach that's in the Bevel training video here:

Here's a few extra things I do as part of my routine:

  • Shave Cream. I lather up the shave cream in the palm of my hand, and use less water to thicken up the lather. 
  • Hot Shower. I always shaving after a hot shower and I think that helps make the shave go easier.
  • Excess Product. I try to be frugal with the products since they are so concentrated. Even so, it seems like no matter how little I use, there's always a bit left over. With the excess priming oil and aftershave lotion, the fragrance is great, so I'll wipe my hands on my arms for the fragrance to last longer.
  • Using it Up. Because the product is super concentrated, I find that even when the container seems empty, I can get several more days use. I keep the shave cream tube standing on its cap, so that helps. With the oil, I stand it on its cap when it's running low. It's been about five months and I'm still on my first 3-month-supply container of aftershave lotion, but I'll probably stand that bottle on its cap when it gets low.


  • Thanks for sharing Gregory. Very informative.

  • Hey Moses, Sorry for the delay in replying. I'd not seen your comment until recently. Thanks for taking time to read my post and comment.

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