How do I shave my head with the Bevel Razor?

Shave cream on the head

You can also achieve a close, safe head shave with your Bevel system.  It's important to remember to use no pressure as the skin on your head is sensitive.  You will likely be able to shave against the grain on your head, which provides a pressure-free close shave with fewer strokes.

If your nape/neck is sensitive, shave with the grain there.

Click here for a great Bevel Code article with pics to get your started.
The technique:

  1. It's still best to start with a hot shower.  After some practice, you may choose to shave while you're still in the shower.
  2. Rub a nickel sized amount of Bevel Priming Oil into your scalp.
  3. Use the Bevel Brush to apply your Shave Cream in strong circular motions to your head.
  4. Without using pressure, shave with short light strokes at a comfortable angle.
  5. If necessary, relather and complete additional passes.
  6. Rinse with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  7. Apply a nickel sized amount of Bevel Restoring balm.

If your head is extra sensitive, you may find that using a blade that you've already shaved your face with once or twice is less irritating for you. 

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