How often should I shave? Why should I shave daily or every other day?

If you are shaving daily (or plan to shave daily), that’s great.  Keep it up.

If not, and you’re leaving more than one day between shaves, let’s talk!  

Skipping more than one day these first four crucial weeks can not only leave you with some razor bumps, but you also miss out on the added closeness and comfort from maintaining a proper routine.

How exactly does shaving daily or every other day help?

  • If your hair is coarse or curly and you allow it to grow too long, it’s likely that it will start to grow and curl back into your skin.  Keeping it cut cleanly at the skin’s surface prevents this.

  • Shorter hair is easier to cut.  You’ll find it requires less passes, which means you’ll get done more quickly and find it even more comfortable.

  • You’ll see results sooner with more consistent use of Bevel.  The process helps exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and expose fresher, clearer skin.

  • You’ll train your skin and increase comfort with each shave. Your skin can build tolerance to this new way to shave with every shave. This goes for all skin types, sensitive or not.

These first four weeks are especially important, so staying on top of your routine will pay off immensely.  Trust, our clinical trials have proven this to be true. 



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  • My hair doesn't grow that fast so is it safe to say that I should still shave everyday because I can't grow a beard it always comes in patches but my trouble area is under my chin?

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  • Hey Silas, you can shave every other day. These are general guidelines though so you may be able to leave additional days between shaves. Concerning your chin, you can send pictures of your growth there so we can map your grain!

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  • Hello Jaimel, I am in the same position as Silas in regards to hair not growing as fast. I do love how smooth my first shave was. Bevel is an excellent system. This was my very first wet shave experience and I just want to say thank you to Mr. Walker and all of the staff for this amazing product. I will be purchasing the trimmer in the near future.

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